Bayside Property Bulletins & Articles


  1. Motor Vehicle Insurance and Your Strata Corporation: Many Owners and residents of Strata property are unaware that they must have adequate public liability insurance on any vehicle brought onto Strata Corporation property. This insurance is not to be confused with storage insurance which only protects the owner of the vehicle from fire and theft, etc. The Strata Corporation has the responsibility to protect the common property, common facilities and other assets of the Corporation for the benefit of all Owners, hence the need for third party liability insurance.
    Liability insurance is normally provided when a vehicle is insured for road use and evidence of this insurance is an up-to-date decal affixed to the rear license plate; where no decal is affixed, Owners must provide a copy of the third party liability insurance policy to the Strata Corporation.
    Where the Bylaws of the Strata Corporation do not specifically detail the Rules for motor vehicle insurance, the requirement for liability insurance is covered under the Strata Property Act , which forbids an Owner from causing a hazard to any other occupier. The insurance companies that provide coverage for the overall property losses due to fire, flood and earthquake, etc. do not calculate in their estimate of risks any uninsured vehicles which are presumed to be covered by ICBC. Thus, they may not pay off for any damage caused by an uninsured vehicle. That risk is not anticipated.
    Owners and residents of Strata property must ensure that their vehicles have adequate liability insurance at all times or make arrangements for storage off the premises.
  2. Personal Contents and Betterments/Improvements to Your Strata Lot Insurance: Many Owners and residents of Strata Corporation properties need to be reminded that a Strata Corporation's insurance only covers the common property (buildings), carpeting etc., as per the original construction. Owners and residents of Strata properties must insure any improvements to these items (e.g. wallpapering, paneling, general up-grading etc.,) completed by the current Owner or the previous Owner as well as all personal effects and furniture, through personal Homeowner's coverage. It is recommended that Owners and residents of Strata properties complete an inventory of their personal contents and belongings to ensure adequate insurance coverage. Most insurance agents will provide an inventory guide booklet to assist in the preparation of an inventory. Completion of an inventory is a very worthwhile exercise. It is further recommended to take photographs or a video of your Strata Lot and to keep same in another location along with your inventory list.
  3. Water Claims and Claim Possibility Notification: Strata Property Owners and residents should note that any leakage or seepage of water should be reported promptly to the Property Management Agent, to ensure efforts are made to minimize any loss, and to ensure the Strata Corporation has an opportunity to make a claim with the insurance company. Such problems, if not reported, become judged as repeated, ongoing leaks, and therefore may not be covered by the insurer. The Strata Corporation's insurance normally covers incidents of leakage, however not those of a continuing nature.