Client Testimonials

"Thank you! for running such a great meeting tonight – we accomplished more in one night than we have in months with the ‘others’.  We are really looking forward to working with you and appreciate everything you’ve already done."

Sherri B., President, CoHo Chapter II

"This year, we changed from 6 Strata Council meetings a year with Bayside in attendance to 4 meetings a year. I frankly don't know how you manage to do it all. My questions are always answered and you get the work done - efficiently and effectively.

In addition, at the Strata AGM on Monday night, I was very impressed with your handling of the meeting and keeping us all on track for our very long meeting. As you know, all kinds of personalities come into play when there is a meeting this large. Yet you were skillful and professional in your approach to all the owners, including firmly moving the meeting forward where needed.

We are really grateful you are assigned to our building and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your skillful management of our building and to ensure that your employers know what great work you are doing."

Patricia M., Strata Council President

"Your name came up again at the Friday Social and I thought you might want to know how very pleased people are with the work you are doing for us at this Strata. I have heard from a number of people commenting on your prompt responses, your professionalism, your incredible knowledge and kind thoughtfulness. I hope that you find satisfaction and joy in your work. Know that we are thankful to have you."

Lydia H., Renaissance Square

"My warmest regards to you and I wish it to go on record that out of the 3 Strata Management companies I have experienced in the 6 years I have resided here, Bayside was certainly the most effective. The latter is all thanks to you of course. You handled a most difficult council with intelligence, care and high professional expertise. I know I speak on behalf of all condo owners."

Linda M., Amberly Place

"I would also like to say how we have appreciated the professional and diligent management of the building - it has been very reassuring for us as owners that all problems have been dealt with proactively and sensibly. Thank you very much."

Brian G., Vista Villa

"This is just a quick note because I wanted to follow-up on compliments that were made last night about the value of Bayside, and of you as a Property Manager in particular. I think these comments were well deserved! Clearly our building would not be in such a good position to ask for a loan if not for your follow-through with owners in arrears, and great suggestions on how to handle meetings including suggesting the dot-mocracy. It was a big hit with the bank, and at previous meetings with other members of the bank we have emphasized that the suggestion came from our Property Manager Barbara. They were all really excited about the idea, and I hope that in addition to the bank suggesting similar procedures to other buildings, I hope that they also promote the management company that guided us to the idea! Thank you again for all of your work and insight, and I hope that last night's meeting is a sign of smoother sailing to come!"

Carolyn, Discovery Place II

"I just wanted to send you a note saying how lovely Candace Turner is to deal with. I call strata companies on a regular basis as I am a busy realtor and have been for 18 years. I can honestly say she was the best I have ever dealt with. She got back to me quickly, took the time to find out the answers to my questions and emailed me by the end of the same business day so we could remove our subjects with ease. She was friendly and efficient and I have been talking about her since. I must talk to a strata company at least once a week and my usual experience is "read the bylaws" which I sometimes do not have as we are waiting for them from other sources. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! You run a good office."

Jodi B.

"We just wanted to bring to your attention, the great service we have received over the years from Wendy who works at your front desk - preparing the strata documents for our listings and sales, answering our calls, etc. She is THE BEST person we have ever dealt with out of the countless number of prop mgt companies we have dealt with over our combined 50+ years of selling mostly strata property and of the 25-30 prop mgt companies that we deal with on a regular basis. Please see our letter attached to you. We like to get feedback from our clients about our services so we can always improve on our standards. So we wanted to let you know about Wendy!"

Al Suleman, Sutton West Coast

"Lynda Creamer, thank you for your assistance at Central City Place. Working with you was a great pleasure and I must say your staff; both Karen and Candace have been professional, personable and very, very helpful. It was a great working with such talented people."

Jim K., Council President

"Thank you so very much for this, it really is appreciated. You and Bayside certainly stand head and shoulders above any other company we have had to work with. Bayside's level of effort, knowledge and service is absolutely incomparable. Thank you so much."

Kathleen, Council President, The Nikolyn

"Last night an AGM was held for our strata. Registration began at 6:00. The meeting concluded at 10:30. I cannot commend Candace enough for her steadfastness, humour, and amazing ability to hold our sometimes raucous group together. She handled the toughest situations and the most difficult questions with a calm presence and great humour. She is so knowledgeable, and easily dealt with a wide range of questions. Her explanations are clear and delivered with great patience. I want her to know that her efforts are recognized and she is thoroughly appreciated, and I want both of you to know that as well. This the first time in the history of our strata that we have had lawful, competent management. Thank you all."

Peggy W., Treasurer, Kingsbrook

"I was on the council four years ago when our council choose Bayside to be our property management company. The first word I think of when describing Bayside is professional, they have an ability to deal with the full range of issues concerning strata management in a timely manner. Our agent makes council feel we are her sole focus. Bayside has been able to bring high quality tradesmen to deal with our repair and maintenance concerns. All work done by these companies has been of the best quality. Bayside has excellent financial skills with a great understanding of the Strata Act and By Law implementation. Our property of 98 town homes although fifteen years old still looks in amazing shape."

Ms. Murphy, Council member, Riverlane Estates

"I have been living at Laurel Place VR1621 for 13 1/2 years and Bayside Property Services has been managing our building for 24 years, since the building was built. Four years ago, I went on council as I thought I would like to get involved with what it took to run the building that I owned in. Up to that point, I had very little dealings with Bayside as I only saw our Property Manager at the Annual Meeting. When I went on council, I became President of Council within 6 months. Over the last 4 years, I have had the opportunity to get to know an incredible group of people from Bayside Property Services that truly care about the well being of our building. This company is the first to make sure that we are always thinking ahead so that costs are never out of hand for jobs that will crop up in the year and not only for the year, but for future projects that will need to be done as the building continues to age. They are always quick to respond with any concerns we are having and they address the problems with total respect for a prompt solution to any situation that arises. I have only the greatest respect for all at Bayside Property Services and trust and hope that they will continue to look after our building for many more years. Thank you for all you do for us."

Tina T., Laurel Place

"In all the years that we have dealt with Bayside they have been nothing but professional, someone will always return your calls promptly, as a company they deal with all issues, big or small, whether it's owner/ tenant issues or general building issues they are always on top of the problem. I would strongly recommend Bayside to anyone who needs a reliable company, with a terrific and helpful staff to handle your building."

Faust, Council President, Somerset Manor

"Our Strata Council interviewed several management companies, and decided that Bayside had something that the others lacked, and that was "Integrity". Whenever we needed advice on procedures, we found a helpful property manager ready to steer us in the right direction. Overall, I can say we have a very good partner, ready and willing to keep us on track with advice or by managing a crucial project for us.  All in all, Bayside Property Services have been very beneficial to Council, and all our owners."

P.D., Heritage Greene

"As President of our strata council at Creekside, I spend a great deal of time in communications with our property manager at Bayside. I can honestly say that it has been a pleasure working together with Bayside to improve and maintain our property. Our Property Manager responds to our concerns and takes the necessary action in a timely manner. We have worked with several other management companies in the past but have never had the type of great service that Bayside has to offer. We are more than pleased that we made the change and chose Bayside as our new management company."

Carolynn B., Council President, Creekside

"My husband and I purchased our property August 2009. Yes, right in the middle of the proposed renovations. It is during this time that we became acquainted with the property manager, Candace Turner, a women that we found to be not only very well informed with the project, but "actively" in the loop, conveying information back and forth between the contractors, council members and the multitude of owners, like ourselves who were always calling her directly. Over the months that followed, I have developed a greater respect and appreciation for Candace when I joined the Strata Council. Candace has a phenomenal knowledge of Strata Law/Regulations. Her ability to source and interact with contractors is only rivaled by her ability to deal with matters on a timely and efficient matter.  I am not in the habit of writing this type of letter. Actually to be perfectly honest, there are very few companies that offer services now a days that are worth praising."

Ilona S.

"Thank you for ALWAYS being so helpful, cheerful, positive, energetic, thorough.  You make our (stressful) job so much easier!!  It is always a PLEASURE to deal with you - the BEST EVER person we have ever dealt with, in our 60 combined years specializing in STRATA SALES (hence dealing with Prop Mgt companies). May you always have the BEST in life!!!"

Al Suleman and Mohamed Abdulla, Sutton Group West Coast Realty

"I just wanted to thank you for your handling of the AGM meeting last night. You struck the correct balance of procedure and inclusion, allowing neighbours the opportunity to speak while keeping the meeting focused on the salient issues. Your patient and knowledgeable handling of the meeting allowed us to reach a successful conclusion, thank you."

Ali H., Canoe Pass Village

"For most of that time you have been the property manager for the building. Having had some experience with other property managers in other buildings, we have a good understanding of the difficulties and stresses of your chosen profession. We have been really impressed with the quality of your work for this building. You have always been immediately responsive whenever we have contacted you and your handling of any issues has been very sensible and practical. Your service level has been pretty close to perfect."

George G., Prince Edward Place

"I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the excellent service, and professionalism you have provided to Generations since you took over our account. You’ve worked very hard for us, and I have come to rely heavily on your knowledge and skills, and I never have to worry if you don’t have the answer to something because you always have a go to person to get the answer.

And can’t recall the last time:

- I heard someone complain that the property manager did or didn’t do something to upset them,

- or that something we’ve asked for hasn’t been taken care of,

- or that the minutes aren’t done right,

I personally feel like a huge weight has been taken off my shoulders, knowing that things are being taken care of on your end exactly how they should be, and I can’t thank you enough for this.

And I’m not the only one on Council who feels this way. We discussed this at our Council meeting last evening, and everyone had nothing but good things to say about Bayside in general, and you in particular."

Gary, Council President, Generations

"It's always good to see you, thanks for chairing our meeting. You're always so organized, composed and such an easy person to be around. You always give our trivial matters your upmost attention as though they were your own. You leave everyone feeling important and confident, as though we did all the work, when all along you spoon feed us."

Richard, Point Grey Estates

"Tracy is quick to respond to owners when they make contact. Not only that, but and she's been instrumental in instituting a "Bayside is your first point of contact" system that's lifted pressure from council members who, before that, were subject to constant phone calling, door-knocking, parking lot ambushes etc. Owners are noticeably calmer and, as a council member executive, I say THANKS for that! Another particular strength Tracy displays, and it's worth noting, relates to her strong knowledge about contractors, trades, vendors. She knows who-does-what, and she's more than willing to represent strata regarding contractor deliverables, scope of work and quality. Needless to say, this is an aspect of property management that can't be overstated in terms of its importance. Perhaps you'll remember that our strata had--and its ongoing, actually--an issue with our former president. That issue has gone to facilitation at the CRT, which is pending later this month. These are uncharted waters for strata, yet I've been impressed by Tracy's ability to be quietly supportive of council while always remaining a Bayside employee. I mention it because that is not an easy thing to accomplish. It's professionalism."

Lee, Trails at Bear Creek

"I will be in touch in the next week or so once I have a date to arrange a key for meter room and electrical room so that the technician can start the repair. Viscount, once the wire is in will, then rehook unit to intercom once the wire is in.

I will then do the happy dance of joy when this is all done.

I could not of done this without you and you get the award for best property manager that I have ever dealt with in 30 years.

I am speaking into the phone so forgive my grammar. Thank you for all your help.

I hope our paths cross again sometime in the future."

Leanne S., Homelife

"BTW, I hear you might be leaving us. I hope I heard wrong? You are hands down, by far the very best strata agent I’ve ever known, and I’ve known a lot of them. I don’t want to pre-judge whomever might be replacing you on our file, and I find it hard to believe Allen would hire, let alone assign someone not up to the task to us. But I do happen to believe you are irreplaceable, and I and may other owners and residents in this building will be very sorry to lose you! If there is any way we could hang into you at least until Stewart and I both leave or die, it would be very much appreciated."

Gary, Generations

"This is just a quick note to once again send “high fives” to Bayside regarding our manager, Tracy Carothers.

We had a council meeting last evening and, due largely to interpersonal styles and individual characters (rather than any specific issue per se), it was fractious. Tracy managed the meeting in a way that was efficient and effective. She’s a professional. I’ve been part of many project teams in past and headed a good many myself so I know how challenging that can be!

From this strata’s perspective, we’re lucky to have her. From my own personal perspective, I’m lucky too because I’m learning so damn much just watching and listening. Glad you/Bayside assigned her to our strata."

Lee, Council President, Trails at Bear Creek

"I also want to thank Bayside for all their work since they took over as property managers. You guys have been amazing, and the experience has been night and day compared to our previous company."

Mark, Council President, Broadway Crest

"On another note, I used to dread dealing with our strata management company as they made everything difficult. You, on the other hand, make things easy and smooth, so I thank you again for that."

Jason, Owner, Broadway Crest

"I have been a member of our Strata Council for Windgate Laurel VR 2036 for over nine years and Debra Moschenross has been our property manager. Over several years I have wanted to email you, and finally am getting around to it, to inform you of how wonderful she is to work with. Debra is extremely knowledgeable, always goes the xtra mile, responds in a timely manner, is solution oriented, provides excellent guidance re condo rules, etc, and on top of all that, just a delight to work with.

She has endless patience and answers any “silly” question I may have. Her professionalism and experience helps us run our condo property with its numerous issues, large and small, in an effortless way. She is not only responsive to council but all owners who contact her with numerous questions and issues.

We just held our virtual AGM yesterday, and it went smoothly, without a hiccup. She guided us in this new reality, and I could not be more pleased.

As I said I have been wanting to send this email for a long time, but now with COVID I seem to have extra time on my hands, Debra is a real gem!"

Bonnie, Council, Windgate Laurel

"Thank you once again for chairing our meeting. I marvel at your level of diplomacy when discussions go sideways, you always remain cool and collected and it's really special to watch you being it back to the centre. Part of the reason we hire Bayside is to help steer us along and give us advice, otherwise we would have to do the homework ourselves and we know that wouldn't happen. I don't think people have given you enough credit over the years and understand just how much you have held our hand and walked us forward, you are really a outstanding at the job you do for us and it doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated.."

Richard, Council Vice-President, Point Grey Estates

"Thank you so much! My mortgage broker assumed this would take me days to get, but I said, “Nope! Our management company is the best!”"

Sarah, Owner, The Lido

"First I want to say thank you so much for help me. I have met some property managers before. It is not a pleasant experience. However, I always feel thankful gratified and delightful because of you who represents a professional and thoughtful property manager. My wife and I truly think we are so lucky to have you being our property manager. You are always standing in one’s shoes!"

Ray, Owner, Spring

"Joanne and I wanted to let you know how happy we are with Agnieszka and the work she does for us. We appreciate how hard she works and that she is getting so much done for our complex. She listens, asks questions, makes suggestions and she takes direction from us in a positive manner. We are getting stuff done that has been neglected for years and she reminds us when we forget to attend to important items. She is always cheerful and friendly and responds to emails and phone calls in a very timely manner. We thoroughly enjoy working with her and are so happy you recommended her to us."

Hallie and Joanne, Council, Queens Terrace

"On behalf of the Strata Council... , I’d like express our gratitude for having Cindy as our property manager. Over the several months that we’ve been working with Cindy, she has demonstrated that she is not only competent, but has gone above and beyond to make sure things are running smoothly for us. She is efficient, thorough, and does an excellent job of following up with suppliers and items on our to-do list. She is resourceful, and takes direction from us without hesitation. We feel that she’s really found her groove with us and we enjoy working with her very much.

Thanks also to Mike and Danielle for their support of Cindy. We feel like we’ve got a great team at Bayside and are appreciative of our relationship."

Saleema, Council President, The Crescent