Overview of Strata Management Services

Bayside Property Services Ltd. provides full management services for residential, industrial, commercial and mixed use strata corporations.

Bayside recognizes that the selection of a property management company is a very important decision for its existing and prospective clients. Earning and maintaining client trust and confidence is the number one priority of Bayside’s approach to business.

One of the ways we do that is by demonstrating our commitment to our staff through ongoing training, proactive management and fostering a collaborative team atmosphere.  We have regular monthly meetings to review and discuss significant court decisions, contractors that do (or do not) perform, legislative changes, and any other topic that will enhance our performance as a company. Our property managers understand that attention to detail, setting priorities and overall time management are key components of a professional strata manager. This enables our team to provide consistent, reliable service to our many satisfied clients, some of whom have been with us for over forty one years.

It might sound surprising initially, but the physical maintenance of a strata corporation is normally quite a straightforward process.  While water leaks, mechanical problems, etc., may occasionally be challenging to diagnose, most physical maintenance tasks can be handled by reputable, reliable contractors.  Those contractors are not employees or affiliates of Bayside; they are completely independent and selected by the strata council through consultation with Bayside.

While we are certainly knowledgeable about physical property maintenance issues, we find that more and more of our role is devoted to strata corporation governance matters.  We’re not lawyers, but as strata property managers we are experts at helping strata corporations and strata councils interpret the Real Estate Services Act, the Strata Property Act, the Regulations, and your own registered bylaws.  Our objective is to assist you in accomplishing the goals determined by you, the council, in a manner that is in compliance with all relevant legislation.  You may not always like our advice because it sometimes takes more time to do it right; but in the long run, we strongly believe that both the council and the strata corporation will be better off by doing things in a procedurally correct manner, from bylaw enforcement to major capital expenditures.  Bayside’s objective is to consistently provide a level of service that creates a harmonious living environment while maximizing the value of a client’s real estate investment.

We are often asked by prospective clients to describe what sets us apart from other management companies.  Although it might seem simplistic, one of the major components of our excellence is timely communication.  We understand that homeowners, whether they are on council or not, want to know that their concerns and/or questions are being heard and dealt with in a consistent, prompt manner.  We respond to telephone messages and emails quickly, usually the same day and always within 24 – 48 hours.  We know from listening to the concerns of prospective clients that poor communication is virtually always the root cause of many of their problems and a constant source of frustration.

Finally, we are positive that our commitment to the highest standards of ethics, integrity and honesty is second to none in the strata management industry.  We have added dozens of new strata corporations to our client base over the last few years that can attest to the vast improvement in service that Bayside provides to them.